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porridge bought outside is not good for baby

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1 porridge bought outside is not good for baby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:21 pm

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Hau (Head of Children's Nutrition BV 2, Ho Chi Minh City), said that no less a mother with children to find the causes of malnutrition may be due to the habit of buying out the broth.

Porridge external processing taste, his parents got him interested in eating as time-saving and easy to change items. The children like to eat this soup, even eating more but not gaining weight.

Dr. Hau, E. coli bacteria (Coliforms, Cl.perfringens, B.cereus) in the soup if processing, water resources, tools, people do not ensure hygienic conditions. The bacteria in the intestines causing toxicity, gastrointestinal disorders, affecting long-term intake causes children to suffer malnutrition. Fungal spores, yeast, mold can be found in porridge is the use of raw materials (rice, vegetables, fruits and roots ...) mold, causing gastrointestinal disorders, a long time can cause liver cancer and cancer colon.

"Do not rule out the possibility of using additives to make the thickness, color, flavor to the soup. This situation leads to energy, protein, fat does not provide enough for your baby's needs, leading to A high proportion "- Dr. Hau said.

According to Dr. Hau, buy some soup outside often put more seasoning salt, fish sauce with salt to taste great so salty, not only bad for the kidneys in children that may lead to high blood pressure later on.

"Food prepared after 2 hours in hot, humid conditions will be infected if not well maintained, in addition to a number of harmful bacteria are not destroyed by heat. Thus, although the soup is heated with food processing can cause poisoning "- Dr. Hau said.

Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep (Director HCM City Nutrition Centre) also said, though no statistics but in the center of the survey, many parents take their children to visit malnutrition admitted often basis for the nutrient broth. Dr Diep said that do not exclude the possibility of selling nutritional porridge reuse shrimp (crab, fish, meat, vegetables ...) has prepared the previous day's leftovers. This affected her health.

"Furthermore, there are only containers of nutritious soup infection or not is a matter also of concern" - Ye doctors note.

Ignoring sanitation
Reporters rushed to sell nutritious soup near the Health Station Dong Hung Thuan Ward (District 12, HCMC) 10,000 buying meat porridge. Using pot porridge cooked for customers who previously may not cover the seller draw white and pork porridge prepared for on, put on a stove to warm up and then stir, then put into plastic boxes. Meat, fish, eels, shrimp, vegetables ... prepared in Brass contains aluminum not covered.

Retailer nutritious soup near market bell (Tan Binh) is sleazy. Clothing, furniture, family activities to edge processing tools. Is cleaning the house, heard people asking for porridge, the seller did not even wash their hands at a soup and fish, then cover in plastic containers. Business environment but not on the toilet lid so bold words: "of a nutritious porridge. Clean, safe and delicious."

At nutritious soup shop on Nguyen Van Nghi, Go Vap, the seller said this brand of porridge a reputable company should ensure that materials derived explicitly to ensure food safety. However, behind the shop porridge shop welding iron, separated by a door. When iron stores operation, the doors open, unpleasant smell and dust flying up the porridge restaurant. Business in such an environment, but on the box label nutritious soup in sour add the words "calcium supplement, DHA. Higher, Smarter."

And yet, this store just hanging FSH level certificate for the certificate of the company at the business address is not. Similarly, many stores that sell nutritious soup of other brands do not have certificates of food hygiene and safety.

Test results last 6 months of 2011 by the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health City (MOH) has shown that 26/30 (87%) samples unmarked nutritious soup, made from the base or small households in the area infected with E. HCMC Coli (coliforms, Cl. Perfringens, B. cereus), including the total number of yeasts and molds made does not meet the "believers" of this dish is really disturbing. nutrition for children - children in the hospital - children health

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