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Acne treatment forever

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1 Acne treatment forever on Tue May 22, 2012 3:37 pm

PTF technology is a method of treating acne safely and effectively, without causing damage to the skin.

Acne treatment not simple as many believe. And, acne may not natural born but not to worry about. If not properly treat acne, can cause the face suffered severe sequelae, more difficult to overcome, such as deep scars, keloids, concave ...

There are many acne treatment methods used today. However, according to new trends in the world, especially in countries with the beauty of technology development such as: Italy, U.S., France, Hong Kong ... the acne treatments are given by PTF technology is safe and effective. Not only capable of radically treating acne that this technology does not cause damage to the skin. In particular, the PTF has skin care in the treatment process makes the skin firm and smooth.

When scientists in the application of light therapy beauty care, these negative factors of light has been eliminated and only those factors that promote skin benefits. PTF technology uses specific wavelengths and safety specifically in the treatment of acne (which is the flow of light impulses). We will shine directly into the skin with acne, penetrates deep into the root of acne (drive infections) causing them to slowly condense. Accordingly, the acne bacteria contained within will be eliminated. Acne after shriveled slough off automatically without the use of coarse stuff, cause damage to the skin.

A special feature of acne treatments is that light does not leave the sequelae of acne by just using the technology specified wavelengths specific, direct effect on acne to shrink them , should not break the skin structure, leading to damage and cause scar, scar depressions.

In the course of acne treatment, pulsed beam of light is the simultaneous adjustment of excess oil on the surface (the main factors causing acne skin growth), should prevent the rebirth of acne. The pulsed beam of light when the surface effects also work as a manipulation massage, so after completion of the treatment the skin will become refreshed, smooth as never had acne.

Time for each acne treatment is about 15 minutes. After about 10 times the illumination, depending on skin condition, you may end up to 99% of acne, dark circles will be reduced. If combined with measures to protect your skin properly, permanent acne will not occur again.

Acne treatment using professional cosmetic treatment method is also another popular choice today. However, unlike the conventional thinking of many people is to just buy the special cosmetic treatment applied to the skin of acne as directed is to be included in this method also requires the efforts of many professionals beauty consultants. First, it is the skin testing, characteristics of skin care products to choose accordingly. Following is the method further support to the nutrients in cosmetic products can maximize the effect.

To treat acne, you can find the cure product line mixture of lactic acid, and acid Grycolic vitaminC, Ceramides in certain concentrations. You can refer to acne treatment product line of its Power C Peel Peterthomasroth This is also the product line has been licensed by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.

In this series, the compounds were prepared according to the specific percentage is 10% lactic acid 30%, 5% and 1% vitaminC Grycolic acid combined with Ceramides. With this formula, 95% of the skin on your face will get out of papules, pustules and deep gray. When applied to the skin, lactic acid 30% and Grycolic acid in the product will be responsible for cleanup of dead cells, allowing the skin easily absorbs more compounds. Nutrients such as vitamin C penetrates deep within each cell, preventing damage by free radicals and promote skin protect against environmental agents. Finally, Ceramides would like an outer protective layer against oxidation, protects the skin from free radical cells, strengthening nutrients to the skin cells of oxygen.

In other words, with the above effects, these products of Peterthomasroth help stimulate blood circulation, breathing and skin against the harmful effects of the environment, stimulate the immune system. In addition, this product is made to close the pores and clean deep acne after just 3 treatments.

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