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Night she suddenly cried, as her response is lightweight

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There are some common reasons for a baby that can naturally keep crying at night. His parents should seek to respond or how full of confusion in the case of this?

Cause baby suddenly fussy at night
* The first reason and the most basic reason that parents should know that her baby suddenly fussy at night is because the child needs a diaper change because a child's diaper has been wet can cause sleep your baby's discomfort.

She suddenly crying at night because your child needs a diaper change because a child's diaper may be wet

* If you are not feeding children daily schedule, kids may go hungry at night. So, your child should eat 2 hours per day in the first few months or for children to eat many small meals throughout the day.

Can your baby home is too hot or too cold and could not sleep due to changing environmental conditions. Usually babies need to wear more clothes layered for easy take off when too hot, but sometimes they may be sweating or cold due to weather changes so you need to pay attention Nhe!

* Itching and rashes on the body also makes the child uncomfortable that makes babies cry, want to create trouble sleeping.

* Children have gas or too much stomach acid can also make your baby's sleep is difficult and could not sleep.

* If your baby is chickenpox, fever, diarrhea or other health problems, you will definitely have to spend time child care during the night.

Tip cope when the baby suddenly fussy at night
- When you know that your baby is crying and can not get good sleep, check that children with dirty diapers or not. If so, change the child's diaper.

- If your child is hungry, you should prepare for feeding your baby can continue sleeping.

- Having a baby and take care of it in the first few years usually is not an easy job. Make sure you check out all else on the body to exclude the possibility that young children may develop rashes and diseases or abnormalities of the skin before putting her to bed, or when your baby is fussy.

- If children are the common cold or any of the diseases mentioned above, make sure you have your child appropriate medication for children to have a good sleep, no noise at night.

- After you have checked all the things necessary for children to get ready to sleep well at night, sing a lullaby for the baby to fall asleep faster.

- Make your child feel comfortable and safe at night. When your baby is sleeping on your shoulder or arm, or placed in a cradle but was for many of her favorite toys around ... baby will feel safe. good for baby

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