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children are slow to speak, say lazy

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1 children are slow to speak, say lazy on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:23 pm

This is advice for parents who are 'hugging' said fears the slow, lazy said.

Said the time children learn differently. A baby babbles single words in the first 12 months of age, have children babbling the 24th month from the 'three'. However, often children begin learning to speak at the 18th month. She is considered to be slow to speak when 18-24 months old without saying a single word, or more than 24 months but said less than 50 words.

There are many fine people or psychological factors - education, environment - social as children delayed speech defects as deafness, mental retardation or obstetric trauma .... Children with pathological damage to the brain or severe disease also affects the development of the collective said. Children with epilepsy, little focus, attention also causes delayed speech.

In addition, feeding pacifier or watching TV alone is also the 'culprit' cause delayed speech in children. Because television does not create interaction can help children develop language.

Here are some suggestions for teaching children to speak, slow to speak rapidly effectively:

Persistence is one important factor when teaching her language delay. (Photo).

A. Start the exercise sound
Ask your child to observe the mouth when pronouncing and recalling baby. The hearing will lead to incorrect accuracy and do not say others do not understand. Therefore, the standard pronunciation plays an important role. Then help your child express short sentences, speak clearly, to listen to the baby is his words.

Two. 'Drop' the baby was playing with friends
Many children are slow to speak, simply because the family is too wrapped. She rarely to go should not have a chance to play with peers, and not in daycare because the crying and just go out to eat.

For children, learning and imitation is another important factor that helps us speak faster.

3. Do not be deprived of the opportunity to learn baby talk
Normal children will learn to say to express their needs, such as drinking water to the babbling baby will say the word 'water'. But because adults 'pulse' was too fast, not to say she was in a hurry to get water for drinking. Doing this gives children served psychology without communication, without saying that children are still being met. Children have no need to say, without saying so slow language development.

So if your baby cries out for water, you hold the cup and he said prompted by "drink", and put your hands holding cup to his mouth to drink ... describes movements Then teach him to urinate sitting down or si ... So on gradually 1, 2, 3, 5 ... said he would try to express their needs.

4. Tactical mistake
Let her choose the best areas such as distinguishing colors, animals or things in the family to start a 'plan' mistakes. Parents may mistakenly pretended lion is the elephant, then ask, 'Is it true?', Take the opportunity to teach her how to fix the problem. Or when she colored, parents pretend to give the red and told me it was yellow. ..

Wrong lesson will help her parents build confidence and opportunity to repair to their parents. It also makes them more hungry to be said. good for baby

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