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Why am I not making children eat?

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1 Why am I not making children eat? on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:24 pm

On the site abroad, the child care issue, I found the mother with child care is not enough, there are healthier, less ill, how to encourage children to eat a variety ... , but did not say anything to the child that eating lazy, how do you eat more!

Of all the work around parenting issues, then eating a regular, effort and easily the most pressure. On forums and chat every day, this is subject to the more pressing mothers. I also had no time to know what to do. Below share with the parents of my own experience.

My older daughter 2 years ago food was delicious, I cultivate a climb, a few minutes off the bottle, bowl of soup, is eaten all at once. Cut fruit into small pieces about 1/3 cup, contact me excited appetite. My child so natural, not forced, because I feel that I eat well, I do not want to eat well at a rate at most of the time so I did, no need to press notes.

Everything is nothing worth mentioning than 2 years old when he, perhaps in her home and I helped to force feed, force-fed her school, and more about me or constipation lazy, so I started eating. Common psychological reaction of a mother was worried I was born. Out of coaxing, urging and irritability, she shouted. At such times I find myself hard, irritable but no positive results are few. Look I love you also see, more to see her face very bored, do not want to swallow, the mouth almost gagged. So my child is suffering too.

Adults were force-fed as we also suffer. Go eat there that was not picked for any piece of mind did not want to eat. I think, is there any better? Eating is supposed to enjoy that the game became so miserable. But I did not eat, not the lack of food, disease, why?

I began to observe. How many children now that anorexia? Where is that old. Why are children in rural areas such as anorexia often in urban children? Why care as family worries, pieces of rice to nurture her children as lazy, then I eat?

I also realized. I deal in vitamins and supplements, look for information in many foreign countries, so I found the parents are complete table is not much, is healthy, less severely ill, how to encourage diverse children eat, how to encourage children to eat balanced ...? Rather not see let alone eat lazy, how do you eat more. Watch for the ads they saw in Vietnam, most of which stimulate her appetite, weight gain, growth in height ... Why is there this difference?

I began to learn the information. Before living abroad for years but I never mind thinking about how they raise their children. I'm just learning, research, and to work. Time then to go out, gather your friends. Until I married her only preparation for teaching me how to, how you handle more children, when children do not listen, never mind thinking about my diet. Now it is my duty.

I read and then refer to the sources drawn as follows:
- Not a doctor or even ruled out west, including pressure to agree about an infant. Force your child to eat will make children afraid to eat, eating lazy, not interested in eating again. Follow the directions in foreign countries, parents select appropriate foods for children, guide and lead the young, but how much and how much is the child's freedom. They even disagree about encouraging children to eat, not to mention about force-feeding. No urge, pressure, tension generated will be more difficult to feed young.

The reason is because they say: Every person in need, the food intake and energy levels differently. Adults eat 2 rice is fat back, there is still skinny people who eat four bowls. Your body will learn to balance (though not a day or two, maybe after a month realize the shortage and food cravings).

Body balance and learn to recognize when a child needs only, body and adaptable learning all aspects. A worm does not learn to escape from the cocoon right time will never do it later. If a child does not know about the 2nd year out, the latter will be very difficult to walk. Children older than one would be interested contact the food self-assembly, self-chewing and swallowing. If over time, children will not be inspired and see it as torture required.

Likewise, the foreign experts say, like all animals, humans, too, instinct should be taken seriously. They see a time when the child is young is a critical period for children to learn how hungry, how is it, know your body needs. If children are forced to eat, grow up will lose this instinct and will eat out of habit, lack of nutrition can, or can be obese. Children also need to learn how to decide, independence and autonomy of some work, learning from small to large. Parents should not decide everything for you, and making children follow in the beginning it was decided how much to eat.

I am not saying that is not interested in weight and development of children. If your child has anorexia, malnutrition and the need to find supplements. If necessary, a cure, but they sure are not force-feed treatment.

I think. Right. Eating is a primitive instinct, every day, learn a natural way without the simplest to the study, how children learn is what requires more difficult as knowledge, such as life skills that many published the mother is trying to follow.

Vietnam all children before their thin, should not be force-fed the current generation that is relatively balanced. With the increasing imbalance in some areas, 20 years can learn VN population in large cities such as how much fat, western countries have experienced. So that foreign sure why they care enough not to fear many children's weight problems. Even young "plump" and discrimination.

- Ok, so the next question I have is the short, mild weight loss? I suppose the doctor, the doctor told me normally. Look up the index weight, height by age on the site Disease prevention and control centers of the U.S. national ( also in the normal index. So why do his suffering, human suffering, making meals a day that also war? While doing so also stripped appetite, enjoyment of human food, a great pity to lose.

The next step is to practice. I was mentally prepared before will not be easy. And yet I would not pass the "temptation" and urged the pressing part. The first two days, my children just a few pieces then stop. I'm very impatient, his theory is clearly and know, that did it real hard. As they say, there when you need a whole month to itself the body adjusts. I have been waiting a month or not? At that time my child will be like?

I decided to start slowly, change to suit yourself. I decided to try to reduce and eventually terminate the conversation would urge, only occasionally smart prompt you when you busy playing, eating not mind contact. And the method I choose is "I ate a bowl of rice before half past seven walking and cycling, eating out after that hour are not going out anymore, just watch cartoons. Is not eat anything not ";" I do not drink milk, shall not be done on her teeth together. "

Know that I love to play, she likes to do the same too, so I certainly will try. If so when you do not eat anymore, resigns abandon other interests, it means that you do and then bored. More pressure just counterproductive. The objective is clear, I eat to achieve that goal (to use spell reward for the nature of my child!) Verily he eats voluntarily, exciting and faster. But I have pressed and urged the new strain is a mouth piece. However, there really is fast day, which day is "Mommy I do it then, I do abdominal pain and, to his future mother bike light". "I do not eat all the game, then not ride a bicycle, is not watching cartoons, bored children. Well good for her future children to eat their children go offline." Although I was not happy to accept them in anyway but this day like the other day only. What to do with children but also to persist. I calmly do these things because I understand what you're doing, you are not confident making children eat right.

Parenting everyone has different ways, depending on the personality of the child, the parents and the circumstances, none is quite right. Here I only wish for people to share references. Hope the parents and the child lives less stressful for gentle, more comfortable.
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