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Otitis media in children - incalculable danger

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Otitis media is a common disease in children. If not treated thoroughly, the disease can cause serious complications such as meningitis, brain abscess, nerve paralysis 7.

Otitis media is common in children 6 months to 3 years. Children often have middle ear inflammation spreads to the ear-VA, making the ear is inflamed and clogged again. In children, the ear is shorter, larger caliber in the adult so that bacteria and other substances in the nose and throat discharge spread to the middle ear is very easy. In particular, the system of respiratory mucosa (lining of nose, throat, chest ear mucosa, bronchial mucosa and gas ...) in children are very sensitive, very reactive to stimulation of secretion by the phenomenon , making the service more stagnant in the box the ears, causing inflammation.

The danger is acute otitis media in young children can cause a ruptured eardrum, made of bone ... affect the child's hearing and language disorders lead. If not treated thoroughly, the disease can cause complications of infection is very dangerous brain such as meningitis, brain abscess, thrombophlebitis party or facial nerve paralysis (wire No. 7).

In the first phase, the expression of middle ear disease is not clear, the child had no fever, earache, tinnitus rarely, without discharge in the ear. Symptoms that children with single mothers prance so often ignored and that the child lacks focus. When moving into a new phase of chronic ear discharge phenomena. So right from the incubation period (the child fever, usually 39-40oC fever, crying more, younger children are often not feeding, poor feeding, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hand rubbed into the ear .. .), adults should take children to medical examination and treatment. If detected early, doctors will actively drain slitting or after rupture of pus carefully treated, the disease will disappear after 1-2 weeks, leaving no sequelae.

Currently, the laparoscopic technique, physicians will use electronic microscope to inject a small hole in the eardrum and put a small catheter. Ventilation tube through the eardrum to draw clear away mucus consistency in the coffin out and save atrial catheter in place to service gas can flow out.

For prevention of otitis media for children, adults, nose and throat hygiene daily baby clean, minimize children with nasopharyngitis. When your child vomiting, children are not placed lower than the vomit easily spill into the middle ear. When shampooing your child, do not lower the top so water will flow into the middle ear inflammation. If the child has a sore throat and rhinitis VA must cure, the right way because that is the cause of otitis media.

In many cases, if the inflammation is too heavy to carry VA VA curettage, when indicated by your doctor. When children with suspected otitis media, parents should take children to visit at the ENT specialist at the prestigious hospital. Absolutely not arbitrarily treat for children.

Note, otitis media is an easy disease to recur, therefore, children should be monitored regularly in a specialized medical facility. good for baby

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