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Frequency of bowel movements and constipation in children

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Many people mistook her for several days without a bowel movement is suffering constipation but not really.

Urinals is infrequent Normal
With the baby still in the age at which milk is the main nutrient uptake depending on each baby milk that story or irregular bowel movements are also different. For example, there are only fully breastfeeding "for the" 1-2 times / week, while another breastfeeding day is the "product". The reason is because some baby milk slow the absorption process "closed mold" is slow, making bowel movements are not. This is normal.

However, if her pain "go" or you have any concerns, you should seek medical examination.

Severe constipation, prolonged illness can be transformed into (such as the intestinal blockages or less active) but these are rare cases.

Babies who judge 'apple'
Frequency of bowel movements is not the only criteria determining constipation. Constipation is hard to understand the distribution, thickness makes them extremely uncomfortable each bowel movement. This definition does not include her stool soft and easy bowel movements even though she just "go" 1-2 times per week.

Tips to reduce your baby constipation
- Try changing milk after consultation with your doctor if your baby is bottle (this advice is not transferred from mother to baby bottles. Constipation is not a reason to stop her baby ti).

- Add some fruit juices such as plum, pear diluted for feeding your baby. Or less may be mixed into juice powder feeding your baby. With baby feeding, baby should drink less water every day, especially in hot weather.

- Try "offset" for drugs in her anus, lubricates easy.

Time to seek medical
Should take her to doctor if irregular bowel movements, hard stools and seems uncomfortable every time "away".
good for baby

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